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Created Wednesday 08 June 2016


The Germanic peoples, like other Indo-European peoples, originally had a three-tiered social/political hierarchy: the first tier consisted of rulers, the second of warriors, and the third of farmers and others occupied with production and fecundity. The gods and goddesses can be profitably mapped onto this schema, and Odin, along with Tyr, corresponds to the first tier, the rulers.

One of the greatest differences between monotheistic theologies and polytheistic theologies is that, in the former, God is generally all-knowing, all-powerful, all-loving, etc. Polytheistic gods are none of these things; like any human, tree, or hawk, they are limited by their particularity.

Giant is used in place of jötunn

Seidr is a form of pre-Christian Norse magic and shamanism concerned with discerning destiny and altering its course by re-weaving part of its web.


How to pronounce stuff

Jormungand (“YOUR-mun-gand”)
Aesir ("Ace-ear")
Fnefatafl (Huh-neff-a-taffel)
Mjolnr (Mee-yoll-ner)
Sleipnir (SLAYP-near)






- What do you think when you first think of Norse Mythology?
- Do you think of cartoon vikings like these?
- While it is true that the vikings worshipped the Norse Gods, they weren't the only ones, and there was definitely no evidence that they had horns on their helmets.
- Norse Mythology was, as per the name, the religion of the Norsemen, generally during the Viking age, from 8th to 11th century, though there is evidence of people worshipping it before then. However, not all Norsemen were Vikings.
- There's some debate about the social structure, but generally most sources agree that the Kings are the highest tier, followed by the freemen, some of whom were warriors, and then the slaves. This is different from the societal structure of who the Gods favour, which we will go into later.
- Viking warriors, with all their carnage and violence, are the ones that historians focus on the most. But while the Vikings did pillage and rape, they were much more than that.
- They were explorers. This is Lief Erikson, who found America before Christopher Columbus.
- The Norsemen built things. They would spend a month before a voyage and build a boat. It would be customized for whatever kind of sea they were sailing on.
- Here is a pendant to Thor that the Vikings wore as protest against the invading Christian forces.
- They even played games. Here is a Hnefatafl gameboard, which is a type of Tafl game, a game played by the Norsemen. It is interesting in that it mimics a viking raid.
- And of course they fought - But unlike the standard image of the Vikings, they didn't fight without a formalized system. While there is not much evidence of the kind of system they used for weapon combat, they did use an unarmed grappling style called Glima, which is effectively a combination of wrestling and judo, except it was created a thousand years before judo. As you can see in the picture, it is still taught today for sport.