Memory Alignment

Created Thursday 05 May 2016

Consider the following struct:

1 struct S
2 {
3 	short s1;
4 	char b1[3];
5 	float f;
6 	char b2[3];
7 	double d;
8 	short s2;
9 }

Steps to figure out the memory for the struct:

  1. What is the largest data type in terms of memory? (In this case, a double, with size of 8 bytes)
  2. Make sure that every element does not "intersect" a place which is a multiple of 8 starting from the starting location.

For the above example:

Variable Size (Bytes)
s1 2
b1 3
padding 3
f 4
b2 3
padding 1
d 8
s2 2
padding 6

REMEMBER: The end needs padding too, if it isn't large enough to rule of filling up to the multiple of the largest data type's size!

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