An almost-but-not-nearly-complete collection of Chaoclypse's attempts at GAME CREATION


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(Last updated 22th April 2016)

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(Last updated 22th April 2016)

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Here are the least shitty ones out of the pack, in no particular order:


2nd Game a Week. You build your own ship from different gun parts and use them to shoot different enemies with different types of configurations and machinery. The objective is to destroy the human in their centers, and to protect yours. On the last day I also had a bit of time and made an Android version, but be warned, it is really hard to build your ship with that version since your finger covers the parts.


5th Game a Week, made for the Game Boy Jam. You punch dudes, then climb their corpses to reach heaven. Has quite a few Let's Plays on YouTube.


Made for Ludum Dare 35 in 48 hours. An arcade shooter whodunnit. There's a killer who shapeshifts into whoever he kills, and he's lurking in the crowd. Find and eliminate him without killing too many civilians.


Made for 2nd Semester in Digipen. I was in Team Spectre along with Zenson Ng, Hilal Fitri and Salihin Bin Zaol-Kefli. Awesome bunch of dudes. The game itself is a 3/4 perspective shooter with procedurally generated dungeons (similar to Nuclear Throne) and a stackable and swappable skill system (similar to the Binding of Isaac). There's a wall destruction feature, which allows you to use the enemies to clear the space and give yourself more room to fight. There's also unlockable costumes, templates for the randomly generated dungeons, and a whole bunch of other stuff. One of the first games that I've found myself somewhat happy (though not satisfied) with.


Q: woah are these all your games???
A: All the ones I could find, yeah! The rest are lost to the annals of time...

Q: all.... for free?!? are you a madman??
A: Perhaps I am, perhaps I am... But my generosity comes at a price... You have to sit through some of the most terrible abominations mankind has ever known... Abominations that I have carelessly and flauntingly called """GAMES"""....

Q: you were right these games are terrible
A: I told you.


  • Almost all the personal games were made in a week or less! Some were made in two, but few exceed that. The Digipen games were made in a semester each.

  • The 2006 game, Dynamite Bob, was the first video game I made! I made it in a few days using GameMaker when I was 11. I made a few more (better) games around this time, but they're all lost.

  • Dig Back Home is one of the games I've made that I hate the most! Sure, I've made technically worse games, but none of those have been played by thousands of people. It is a huge embarrassment to me and frankly the only reason it's in there is because I'm a sucker for abuse. Don't play it.

  • The 2015 batch of games is each named with a "Week" prefix because it was part of an exercise I was doing where I made one Game a Week! I was inspired by this article by Rami Ismail. I learnt a ton!

  • If you're wondering why there's no 2013 folder, this is because in 2013 I fell into depression! I do not recommend it!